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Tackle Canadian Winter with Style

It's no longer a boring and ugly season anymore - this generation of Great White North with sports spirits likes to tackle the winter in a different way with style.

BMW F90 M5 with FlowForm RF01 Matt Gunmetal

This brand new two-digit mileage 2019 BMW M5 is ready to make a statement about winter season. It equipped with FlowForm Series RF01 in Matt Gunmetal finish with spec of 19x9.5 +35 on four corners.

FlowForm RF01 Face 2 - Deep Concave

The Face 2 design of RF01 showed a decent concavity with a classic mesh look. The owner of this gorgeous M5 also put his OEM caps to give it a finish look.

BMW F90 M5 with FlowForm RF01 Matt Gunmetal

This winter square setup FlowForm RF01 is wrapped with Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 which was developed for the drivers of luxury vehicles who need premium performance on winter's demanding snow covered roads.

BMW F90 M5 with FlowForm RF01 Matt Gunmetal

Performance cars are meant to be driven all year around, just like this F90 M5. There's no compromise. And here in Superspeed we believe there's a demand of premium winter wheels in the market. This is the answer to them!

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