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Merchant Store Opening Feature StaySharp™ Collab Drop

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Our online merchant store (previously Accessories page) is set to be launched in the upcoming week. To celebrate this milestone, we've collaborated with our favourite street brand StaySharp™ for a line of lifestyle merchant drop.

At Superspeed, we focus on motorsports and racing. We believe in challenging ourselves, and making better products as time goes by. It's like the philosophy behind time attack racing. It's all about challenging yourself while racing against time. We sent an assignment with this idea in mind to StaySharp last December and let them do the magic.

"TimeAttack" Hoodie

The results are three hoodie designs, three t-shirt designs, and one windbreaker design. The philosophy of Time Attack Racing is embedded in each design in different aspect.

With the kanji print of TimeAttack (時間攻擊), "TimeAttack" hoodie stands as the center of this collaboration. The text "Race Against Time" is to show our tribute to the Time Attack racers and to the motorsport enthusiasts.

"TheProcess" & "TheBadge" T-Shirt

With an artistry twist, "TheProcess" t-shirt is rooted with Flow Form "spinning" process with a steampunk future Superspeed logo. Combined Superspeed Crest with RF05RR sketch, "TheBadge" t-shirt is a head turner.

"TimeAttack" T-Shirt

Featuring Mosport circuit, the design of "TimeAttack" t-shirt is a combination of motorsport racing. A little touch of Maple Leaf is our identity as being a Canadian.

"TheClub" Hooide

"TheClub" hoodie features silver reflective print in the back with an iconic orange background.

"SuperSharp" Hoodie

Paint brush logo print on the side and Maple Leaf on chest, "SuperSharp" hoodie celebrates the collaboration between Superspeed and StaySharp.

"TimeAttack" Windbreaker

"TimeAttack" windbreaker is our official crew gear and a must get item from this drop. It features Superspeed and StaySharp collab print on the chest, and RF03RR model name print on the sleeve.

Our merchant store is expected to launch late next week. Products from "TIMEATTACK" Lifestyle Album will be available for pre-order after launch. Orders start to deliver in May 2020.

Don't pay attention to the competition itself. Ignore other racers. The one you need to beat is yourself.

That's our favourite quote from Bunta Fujiwara, Initial D. We are living in unique times, especial when this pandemic caught us off guard. Tough days don't last, tough people do. And like us; racers; and enthusiasts, we are tough. We are all going to run the best timed lap.

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