The Forging construction is the ultimate pinnacle of technologies in wheel manufacturing industry. Manufacturing forged wheel is a difficult work, therefore only a limited number of companies around the world are involved in this line of business. In the early stage of establishment, Superspeed had already set a goal to make their own forged line and devoted a big part of its resources on this project.


Superspeed Forged wheel starts out as a solid billet of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum. With the help of industry leading 10,000 tons forge machine, the billet is first pressurized into a blank. With a forging “die” underneath, the second forge shapes the blank into its basic shape and ready for spin forge process. Following the forging process, the wheel blank is loaded into a CNC machine to give a final touch of spokes design and milled to specs.


One of the reasons that Forged wheels are lightweight is because they can cut more excessive weights with thinly design. However, thinly design wheels are usually less rigid and weak. How a forged construction can overcome this issue? 

The secret behind it lies in the metallographic structure called Fiber Flow Lines. The forging process aligns the aluminum grain in a direction consistent with the desired contour of the wheel. It’s like a bundle of fibers, now the wheel can withstand eternal force effective with weight reduction.

The immense 10,000 tons pressure creates a final product that is very dense, strong, and lightweight. On a molecular level, the mechanical and physical characteristics of forged wheels are distributed equally throughout; results in a far stronger and stiffer construction with an extreme weight reduction. It improves the performance of the vehicle when under impact and high level of loads.


Whether it’s for racing or touring, our Forged Series and Bespoke Forged Series are the utmost option to ensure the best quality and performance of your wheels. By streamlining the manufacturing process and sales channels, Superspeed ensures that anyone can purchase its wheels at affordable prices without jeopardizing quality and design.