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New Advanced Forge Flagship, Ultimate Track Weapon

Introducing the latest Superspeed RR Motorsport product - PF05RR. Thanks to the immense 10,000 tons of pressure, this fully forged flagship is the ultimate performance wheel created by Superspeed. Twisted from RF03RR, this new forged series model has a thinner & floating spoke design and great weight loss without sacrificing rigidity.

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Weight Optimization

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) was conducted to find the perfect balance of weight and stiffness. Excessive weight was removed without sacrificing rigidity


10,000 TONS Fully Forged

The immense 10,000 tons of pressure creates a wheel that is far stronger and stiffer with extreme weight reduction than any other forms of construction

Floating Spoke

Thinner, Floating Spoke Design with the purpose of further reduce excessive weight & serves as a cosmetic form

BBK Clearance

Drop-center barrel ensures maximum brake clearance

Starting from design phase, we modeled different brand name big brake kits, and to make sure final product is capable of your aftermarket brake upgrades


Bead Knurling

Originated from F1 racing, PF03RR features knurled bead seats on both sides of the rim. It helps with minimizing tire slip within the wheels under extreme acceleration and deceleration 




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