Superspeed FlowForm Series pursues the balance between rigidity, strength, and lightweight.  We believe that craftsmanship will make a difference. We are committed to spending our money, time and effort into R&D to achieve the three key elements mentioned above. For every Superspeed FlowForm products, we insist to find and cut the excess material where force is dispersed to lose weight, even it's only 1 gram. 


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Superspeed FlowForm is an advanced wheel manufacturing process that combines the characteristics of casting, forging, compressing, and rolling. It results in achieving high strength and weight reduction of the product while obtaining better mechanical property.

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Superspeed uses A356.2 aluminum alloy that contains more magnesium and silicon content. A356.2 aluminum alloy has good casting properties in terms of low density and light weight, and has good performance and excellent mechanical property after heat treatment. Superspeed FlowForm manufacturing process makes the crystalline structure of the aluminum alloy more compact, form a finer metal structure, and the molecular structure is higher density and fibrous, therefore increase elongation, tensile strength and yield strength of the product.

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Rigidity, strength, and design are the three prerequisite elements when we develop a wheel from scratch. Superspeed FlowForm wheels are lightweight. But we are not only concentrating on lightweight,  we also focuses on the rigidity and strength of the wheel. Higher rigidity wheels help to improve the handling of the vehicle, as well as to maintain stiffness by acting as the link between chassis and tires.

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The rigidity of the wheel is also based on the thickness of the lateral section of the spokes. The larger the lateral section, the higher the rigidity and lower the twist; the smaller the lateral section, the lower the rigidity and the higher the twist. All Superspeed FlowForm wheels have rigid spokes design to achieve higher rigidity. We cut excess materials from where force is dispersed and reinforce materials where it's necessary. 



Preheating to set temperature; inner barrel mold set up; spinning machine roller arm attached to barrel, ready to start high speed spinning. 



High speed rotation continue with high pressure applied to barrel. Repeated high pressure rotation makes sure a high-density barrel was created at a pre-set size specification. 



Secondary heating device attached; spinner start high speed rotation. 



End of the process. Machining excessive materials and wheels send to finishing process. Ready to be painted. 

SUPERSPEED FLOWFORM is one of the most advanced wheels manufacturing technologies in the wheel industry. Its process involves applying high pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while spinning and after it has been cast under high temperature. Its outcome is outstanding - lower cost than Forging, but more rigid and lighter than Casting.